Let me first talk about what is marketing and some basic marketing laws

There are many definitions of marketing and huge number of basic marketing laws. For few people, marketing is about analyzing, mathematics i.e. calculations. For some it is creativity, communication, advertising and promotion.

In simple words, It is an art of satisfying the desires of customers. It starts with understanding the customer. Ask yourselves these questions before starting a business in any field:-

Who is the customer?

What are his or her needs?

What will help them grow in their daily life?

What kind of products he/she needs that can actually fit into them?

After understanding the point of customer, It is about Creating the product.

Marketing is not only about selling products to customers. It is also about keeping old or existing customers satisfied and happy. As a result they can remain a happy customer to you for entire life. And also, they can recommend a few of their friends or relatives to buy some products from you.

A quote by Seth Godin:-

“ Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”.

What is one of the top Basic Marketing Laws ?

The basic thing about online and offline marketing is to know and understand the customer properly, so that the product sells itself. Never let marketing become more important than the product. A great product converts your customers into brand ambassadors for big leads.

Always try to create a kind of product by which people will feel special while using it.

For example if you are trying to sell a water bottle, you can go for a copper bottle or a Mitti cool Water bottle which are pretty good for health in long run.

Safeguard water bottle

What is personal branding and what are the basic marketing laws to evolve a personal brand ?

Personal branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. Personal brand is about how you promote yourself and stand out from everybody else. A personal brand can give rise to many companies from his/her experience or influence.

Few golden rules of personal branding :-

  • First have a proper focus and learn a new skill. Furthermore understand the concepts well.
  • Then put your new skills to work. Implement your skills in today’s world. Further be ready to fail and face the consequences so that you can learn from those failures. As a result you wouldn’t make likewise mistakes in future.
  • After implementing, write blogs what you have noticed, learned and experienced through your work. If you will write, you will get to know the things better.
  • Afterwards writing few blogs, you can eventually create some positive impact and create your own personal brand. Now that you have a personal brand, start consulting other firms or individuals.
  • You can start mentoring people who want to create big brands or who want to become like you which will take your understanding to a completely new level. Start telling people your story to motivate them.
  • Finally, you can start your business with your own brand that you have developed. The next step is to think about the Legacy which you will leave behind.
Basic Marketing laws to be followed for personal branding

Let’s talk about successful brand positioning in your market.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is the process of Positioning your brand in the mind of customers. it is the kind of strategy which is used to set your business different from the rest.

Few steps to clarify your positioning in the market:-

  • Determine How your brand is placed currently.
  • Identify your direct competitors.
  • Compare your positioning to your competitors to identify your uniqueness.
  • Develop a unique and value based positioning idea.

First of all, choose a category and try to become number one in that category. It is very much important to take a decision where to compete. If you cannot be a leader in a particular category, try to be a leader in a sub category.

Finally once you have a strong brand Positioning statement, you can create a slogan that helps establish the position you are looking to own. Like for example:-

People only remember number 1 brand in market or maximum number 2.

Create your own brand

How good communication skills comes under basic marketing laws?

Marketing is about meet and talk about products with the audience. People always like to listen to marketers who are able to convey their messages or ideas well. Hence, there is no surprise that Communication comes under Basic Business laws.

Good communication does not mean you have to speak good vocabulary or good grammar. It means how effectively you transfer your thoughts to others.

Trying to be communicative
To be a good communicator, you need good communication skill. And for that, you have to write a lot. The more you right, you will become a better speaker and a writer in future. Writing keeps your mind busy and gives you clarity on what you are writing. Whatever is coming to your mind, you have to think in English to improve your communication skills. Furthermore you can listen to various audios and watch videos available all over the web to evolve as a good communicator.

A good marketer never stops learning to improve their communication skills.”

Let’s Understand difference between traditional and digital marketing.

  • Traditional industry includes notices, business cards, printing advertisements, business promotions on radio, telemarketing. While Digital industry includes websites, social media, youtube videos, google leads and so on to do promotions of product or services.
  • In traditional industry, we have to wait for many days to see an improving results in the business. While once we start using online industry, we don’t have to wait much to see an increment in the business.
  • Digitally, it is easy to determine a return of investment because of various trackable online tools available. But results of traditional marketing technique cannot easily be measured.
  • In traditional dealings, cost to reach the customers is much higher than digital dealings.

Online vs Offline Marketing

To sustain in the online business world, One should be aware of basic differences between ONLINE & OFFLINE Business.

How marketing has changed overtime and how people have started consuming products ?

In the early 80’s and 90’s, the word marketing would mean a man dressed formally carrying a briefcase in one hand and some files in the other knocking on other’s doors trying to sell some product.

Further it moved to the telephone era. The marketers were spending much time making phone calls, hoping to sell products to the person on the other end.

After telephone came television, When many companies tried to give various kinds of advertisements in various ways through television. Like for Example:- Pepsi, Nirma washing powder, etc.

And now finally in 2021, we are in the modern days of online industry. All the company’s strategies and business efforts has changed. The way customers receiving marketing messages from companies has been transformed.

This means in today’s world, a marketer role has changed. A successful marketer requires a different set of skills and approach towards marketing. So it is necessary to cope up with the changes and trends in order to make a mark in the business world.

How a brand has evolved

Check Out How Amul has evolved over time- https://startuptalky.com/amul-case-study/

What is CATT Marketing funnel and how to choose your niche.

Before getting to the point of CATT funnel, I would like to make you understand about choosing a niche.

For choosing a niche, you have to select and think of a particular department which is very important. You must be aware of these 3 things to select niche:-

  1. Knowledge or talent which you must possess.
  2. Market should be there globally or in your area for that niche.
  3. Passion in that department is a must which you should own.

Using all these three combinations, you can create your own niche.

Now once you have chosen your niche, next is you need to create a good content. Then you can drive few people or traffic to your content using social media, paid advertisements, etc. Once that is done, you have to build trust with your audience by marketing automation, trip wires,etc. Finally your leads will convert into customers when your product starts getting selled.

CATT marketing funnel

Let me explain about Integrated Digital marketing

A better marketing is always integrated to build a good presence throughout all prospect platforms where your audience are present or can search for you. Reaching or engaging Integrated digital marketing platforms that reinforce each other to gain trust with your audience and make sales for you.

Regardless wherever your audiences are present, your brand product always needs to be the first thing on your customers mind. So that they are likely to transact for it eventually. Being consistent through integrated digital Marketing techniques with developing a product time to time with customer views and expectations will lead to a successful ROI (return on investment) in the long run of a business and creates a great bond in between.

Intrgrated Digital Marketing

These are the basic rules which are to be followed to be one of the best marketer. I hope this article has helped and motivated you in different ways of marketing techniques and strategies.

Looking forward to see you as one of the Top Online Marketer